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Are portable solar power stations safe?

Multiple Proctection Solution for Portable solar power stations

Portable solar power stations are safe to use. The batteries in our products are built with a Battery Management System that provides multiple solutions for over current protection, short current protection, over-discharge protection, overcharge protection, over voltage protection and thermal protection.

Battery Management System

Close Montoring of BMS

This system will monitor each individual cell and battery pack health, which shields the battery safety level and the system, improving the battery life. It is even aligned with the highest battery industrial standard – matching quality with all the electric cars.

Several instructions to avoid damaging

The high-quality lithium ion batteries used in portable solar power stations will not explode or catch fire under normal conditions. However, there are some cases where they can be damaged due to improper use or storage. We recommend that you follow these instructions to avoid damaging your portable solar power station:

1) Keep all devices dry; do not expose them to rain or water; this includes dustproofing and waterproofing

2) Do not store devices in extremely cold (below 0°C) or hot (above 40°C) environments; if storing for more than 1 month please charge it before putting away

3) Do not store devices on concrete floors; it is better to store them on soft surfaces like carpeted floors or bedding such as mattresses

In addition to this, we have developed a proprietary charging algorithm that regulates the charging process based on real time data from our Battery Management System (BMS), which enables us to provide a more stable charge with less heat generated by overcharging or over-discharging (battery damage).

Our DC/DC converter also uses a technology called maximum power point tracking (MPPT) which allows our solar panels to capture up to 30% more energy from sunlight than other solar panels on the market today.

1000W portable power station with solar panel
1000W portable power station with solar panel

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