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what is led uv light?

what is UV?Ultravoilt is called UV for short.UV radiation is kind of energy produced by the sun or some artificial sources,such as solariums,UV fluorescent light,UV high sodium light,UV led light and so on. What is UV rating index?A UV rating or index is the universally accepted standard measurement of the strength of the ultraviolet (UV) […]

What is high CRI led strip lights?

What is high CRI led strip lights? High CRI led light strips Color rendering index is called CRI for short.Generally speaking, we often set the CRI of sunlight or human-made light near to sunlight as 100. For example, we also name the CRI of the incandescent lamps as 100.Because the color rendering index of incandescent lamps is […]

What is High Efficiency LED Strip Light?

What is High Efficiency LED Strip Light? Seven Colors Lighting Co.,LTD has more than 10 years experience on led strip light.And High efficiency led strip light is also our speciality. Our high efficiency led strip light can realize more than 150lm/w with CRI>80Ra and our CRI 90Ra led strip light can reach more than 120lm/w. […]