China professional LED Grow Light Strips factory

Seven Colors Lighting is one of the best China professional led grow light strips.We mainly manufacture all kinds of led grow strip lights including flexible and rigid lights.Our series cover smd2835, smd5050,smd5730 led grow light strips. Moreover, we can customize different spectum,full spectrum,day light 5000K, Warm white 3000K, Red plus blue and other solution.

led grow light strips
Why USE LED Grow Light Strips
why use led grow light strips

If you want the light comes from different angles for your plants;if you have limit space to install your grow lights,led grow strip lights will be the best choice.No matter the flexible led strip lights with adhensive stickers backside or rigid strip lights, they all will provide enough flexibility.That’s why the led grow strip lights can use in many different places even any places. In other words, that make led grow strip light perfect as a supplemental lighting or primary light for small plants. As a primary light, it can work in a small plant room for vegs or flowers because of its small size and lower power. When it works as supplemental lighting, it can easily be install in any corners of the tents and can light your plants from different angles.

why use led grow light strips

  •  Flexible and esay to install since for some led strip lights, there are adhensive stickers at back. You can install them above the vegs on the top of the shelves. You also can make them at the bottom of the shelves.
  • Lower power: Compared with other led grow lights, led grow light strips have small power,it often only covers from 6w/m-24w/m max.Therefore they are perfectly suitable for tent grow,shelf grow or other small space grow.
  • Longer size: flexible led grow strip light can reach 5meters.So it can work on the long shelf to avoid the wiring problems.
  •  Nice Safety: they often work at DC12V or DC24V so they are very safe and no need worry for electric shock. Even if kids play hide and seek games and touch it, there is no harm to them.
  • You can diy any led grow lights by the led grow light strips.Because they can be cuttable and easy to connect after cutting.
BesT LED Grow Light Strips
led grow light

SMD2835 LED Grow Strip Lights

SMD2835 led strip lights are one of the most popular led grow light strips at present.Each SMD2835 led is 0.2W or 0.5W. 30led/m, 60led/m,120led/m and 240led/m are available. They often work at DC12V or 24V. We often have full spectrum led grow strip light, red plus blue strip light, day light 5000k or 3000K warm white strip light.

LED QTY Per Meter: 30led, 60led, 120led,240led

PCB Width: 8mm:30led, 60led, 120led, 15mm:240led

Spectrum:Full Spectrum, Deep Red 660nm plus Blue 460nm, Day light 5000k, Warm White 3000K

Power Per Meter: 7.2W, 14.4W, 24W, 36W

led grow light strips full spectrum


SMD2835 30led/m 7.2W led grow light strip

led plant grow light lamp


SMD2835 60led/m 14.4W led grow light strip

led plant grow lights


SMD2835 120led/m 24W led grow light strip

full spectrum white led grow light strip


SMD2835 240led/m 36W led grow light strip