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10 reasons to use LED lighting in any project

10 reasons to use LED lighting in any project

OCT 21, 2018 7colorstek

When it is decided to move from traditional lighting to LED lighting (which is more
efficient and longer) cost is usually the main issue. What is perceived from the outset
is that LED lighting has a higher price compared to traditional methods, causing many
businesses or designers to postpone their installation or invest in a more economical
and short-term system that, in the end, will need a prompt renewal. However, LED
lighting offers several profitable benefits and can save a large amount of money in the
long term. Here we share the 10 reasons to install LED lighting in your next project,
regardless of the size:

1.- Cost-benefit ratio

It is true that most LED lighting solutions cost a little more than traditional lighting,
however, when compared directly with traditional lighting methods, LEDs last longer
and are more energy efficient, allowing significant electricity savings and maintenance
costs. It has been shown that LEDs reduce energy use by more than 80%, while
traditional lights last from 800 to 2,000 hours, LEDs can last between 20,000 and
50,000 hours (about 6 years of continuous use). Less replacements mean substantial
2.- Design flexibility

LEDs can be combined in any way to produce highly efficient lighting. These can be
dimmed, resulting in dynamic control of light, color and programming (lighting
customization). Well-designed LED lighting systems can achieve very good lighting
effects, not only for a single use, but for multiple static applications (advertising,
business, schools, parking lots, etc.) and mobile (aircraft, trucks, special transport,
etc.) .).For example,SMD led strip lights can replace the tradiontal T5 energy saving
tubes since they are less power.Each meter is about 9W-15W.What’s more,the
longest length could reach 5meters each time to break the traditional
records.Furthermore, the most significant feature is that they are fleixble and could be
installed anywhere.
3.- Variety of color

In traditional lights there is no color variety, since most produce only a blue / blue cold
light, which is austere and unwelcoming. The LEDs, instead, provide a range of
different colors for different purposes and needs, adaptable to almost any
environment or lighting situation.The colors of leds are
various,red,blue,orange,purple,green,RGB and even multicolors.
4.- Durable quality

The LEDs have the characteristic of being extremely durable and manufactured with
resistant components that are very robust and can withstand even the most adverse
conditions. They are resistant to shocks, vibrations and external impacts, they are
excellent external lighting systems for adverse conditions and exposure to weather,
wind, rain, etc., public exposure related to traffic and construction or manufacturing
sites. Just like led downlights,they are made from COB (Chip on Board) leds and
stable led drivers.The COB led can give the lights more than 2000-5000hrs lifetime
which is longer than any traditional lights.Furthermore, the constant current stable
driver can make sure the lights stable heat output and good heating vantilation.
5.- Operation at extremely cold or hot temperatures

LEDs are ideal for operating under high and low temperatures. Unlike incandescent
and fluorescent bulbs, LEDs are easy to touch even after they are on for hours, so
they run less risk of causing a fire or accidental burn.
6.- Low voltage

A low voltage power supply is enough to light an LED, each one operates with a
voltage that is usually between 1 and 4 volts. This makes it easy to use in any
application, both indoor and outdoor, when connecting, for example, an external solar
energy source and it is a great advantage when some places do not have sufficient
connection access.We also design a kind of led strip lights which could be powered
at 6V battery or 5V.So we call it 6V battery-Powered led strip lights which is made
from 2835 SMD leds,60led per meter and 12W max per meter.Only 4pcs 1.5V
Batteries can power them.The most amazing low voltage product is our 5V USB led
strip light whch comes with a 1.5meter USB on/off cable,and you can power it with
power bank,computer,5V wall charger or laptop.
7.- Friendly with the environment

The LED lights are free of toxic chemicals. Most conventional fluorescent bulbs
contain a large amount of materials, such as mercury, which are hazardous to the
environment. The LEDs do not contain toxic materials, they are 100% recyclable and
will help you to reduce the environmental impact. The long life time mentioned above
also means that an LED bulb can save material and produce 25 incandescent bulbs.
As you can see, the energy efficiency, versatility and durability of LED lighting are
some of the advantages that today offer greater capacity than traditional lighting. The
question here is, what do you want to illuminate?

8.Making different shapes
The led lights comes with different types to adapt different applications,for
example,led downlights,led track lights,led linear lightings,led grow lights and solar led
street lights.The most amazing led lights are the led linear lightings which is made
from high power output led strip lights and aluminum profiles.Whatsmore, they could
be used in different places,for example,home background,shopping mall
walls,ceilings or underground.Further more, they could be recessed,suspending or
mounting.Finally they come with many different shapes to be suitable for different
designs because of their flexibility.

9. less power consumption but bigger lumen output
The led lights are less power consumption but bigger lumen output than any other
traditional lights.For example, led grow lights,small power can generate big lumen
output to meet the needs of the indoor plants growth.

10.solar lighting system, no electricity era is coming
The led lights could be powered at very low voltage so now many led technology
companies begin to study and develop new solar lighting system.Also recent years it
has been applied to solar led street lights.We think it will be utilized to many area to
make our life more convenientely in the future.

Above all, what the led lights can bring is that the traditional lights can not compare
with.In the future, the led lights will yield more and more applications.

In 7colorstek besides having a wide diversity of products for any application, we offer
a range of services that will allow you to select the most suitable LEDS for what you
need to illuminate for any business, decoration, advertising, exhibitions, exhibitions,
entertainment and others.

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