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what is led uv light?

what is UV?
Ultravoilt is called UV for short.UV radiation is kind of energy produced by the sun or some artificial sources,such as solariums,UV fluorescent light,UV high sodium light,UV led light and so on.

What is UV rating index?
A UV rating or index is the universally accepted standard measurement of the strength of the ultraviolet (UV) radiation produced by the sun. Based on specific times and particular geographic locations, the UV index is now part of most daily weather forecasts. The forecasts provide basic facts on the local UV ratings for interpretation by the general public.

What is UV damage?
Too much exposure to UV rays can cause many problems for humans. It can not be seen, can not be smelt,only know it when it happens.These include cataracts, accelerated skin aging, skin cancer, and sunburn. Physicians and public health groups strongly recommend that people protect themselves from harmful UV light by wearing brimmed hats and using sunscreen.

sunburn is a uv radiation burn to the skin.In summer day, long time under the savage sunlight ,the skin is easy to hurt by sunburn and need to take a couple of days or weeks to heal.mild sunburn can recover at home.Severe or long time undone sunburn will increase the risk of skin canncer.

2.Eye damage
UV damage can cause photoconjunctivitis, which is also known as snow blindness or welders flash, photokeratitis, macular degeneration, cataracts, pterygiums and skin cancer of the conjunctiva and skin surrounding the eye.

3.Premature ageing
Up to 80% of fine lines and wrinkles are the result of UV damage. UV also causes skin sagging, blotchiness and roughness.

Photosensitivity is an abnormally high sensitivity of the skin or eyes to UV radiation. This means the skin can burn more easily,increasing your risk of skin cancer.

Difinition of ultraviolet light
Although UV light could be dangerours, it is also very valuable and useful in our life in many ways.UV light is used to identify biological materials,like blood,at crime scenes and in places where sanitation is important.With the help of the UV light,the police could easily find out the remains of boold stains at the scenes even if it is cleaned.It is also used to serilize medical and biological research facilities and to sanitize much of our food and water since it can kill viruses and bacteria.

Electromagnetic Waves
As we mentioned above, UV light is one kind of electromagnetic wave.Electromagnetic waves are different that waves that you see in water.Because they don’t need anything as a medium to travel through;they are waves of pure energy and they can travel through empty space.They can move more quickly,traveling though the space at the speed of light,so they can not be seen,touch and smell.All visible colors of light, as well as microwaves, X-rays, and radio waves, are also electromagnetic waves. The only difference between these types of electromagnetic waves is their frequency and wavelength. Ultraviolet waves, with wavelengths from 40-400nanometers (nm), are those that fall between visible light and X rays on the electromagnetic spectrum. Because ultraviolet light has a frequency higher than that of visible light, it carries more energy and has the ability to penetrate our skin. Prolonged exposure to ultraviolet light can cause sunburns and DNA damage, which can contribute to the development of skin cancer.

Types and Sources of UV Light
The sun is our primary natural source of UV radiation. Artificial sources include tanning booths, black lights, germicidal lamps,mercury vapor lamps, halogen lights, high-intensity discharge lamps, fluorescent and incandescent sources, and some types of lasers.

The UV spectrum is divided into vacuum UV (40-190 nm), far UV (190-220 nm), UVC (220-290 nm), UVB (290-320 nm), and UVA(320-400 nm). The highest energy forms of UV light (Vacuum UV, Far UV, and UVC) are almost completely absorbed by the Earth’s atmosphere in the ozone layer. However, UVB and UVA rays do penetrate the ozone layer. UVB is typically the most destructive form of UV radiation because it has enough energy to damage cellular DNA yet not enough to be completely absorbed by the atmosphere. Humans need to be exposed to some UVB rays so that we can produce vitamin D, a critical nutrient for bone production and repair. However, overexposure to UV light can cause sunburn, cataracts, and eventually lead to the development of skin cancer.

UVA is the most commonly encountered type of UV light and also the least harmful. UVA exposure causing tanning of the skin initially, followed by sunburn after prolonged exposure. Ozone in the atmosphere absorbs very little UVA radiation, and it is present even on cloudy days. UVA is also needed by humans for synthesis of vitamin D. However, just like UVB, overexposure to UVA has been associated with toughening and wrinkling of the skin, suppression of the immune system, cataract formation, and skin cancer.

LED UV Light
LED UV light is a new type of uv light and the UV electromagnetic wave is generate from the led in the beads.With the feature of energy saving and more power than the traditional UV lights, it is widely used in industry,medicals and plans growing.As other UV light source,UV led lights also have UVA,UVB and UVC.

Different LED UV Lights have different functions
In our theories,UVA is also called long wave UV and wave length is 320-420nm.It is often used for Curing printing, beauty manicure,insect trapping, jewellery detection, banknote counterfeiting, and plant growth.365-370nm UV led lights are mainly used for UV Printing Curing;390-400nm for beauty manicure and insect trapping;400-410nm for plant growing;380-390nm for banknote counterfeiting.

UVB is also called Medium wave ultraviolet and wave length is often 275-315nm.It is often used for Medical phototherapy,animal farming and plant growth.

UVC is also called short wave UV and wave length is 200-275nm.It is often used for Sterilization, food preservation, air purification,and water purification.

Some Applications of led UV Light
Here are some different ways of using led uv lights in our lifes

1.Fluorescent dyes
When led uv lights shines on certain dyes,they emit a light in the visible spectrum called fluorescence and we can not see it under the common conditions.Many fabrics and paper contain UV sensitive dyes that emit visible light when exposed to led uv lights.This can enhances the color of the dye and cause it to appear brighter and can be seen by our eyes.To preventing counterfeiting,most paper currency is printed with a watermarker or strip of UV-sensitive dye that only could be visible under a UV black light.This is commonly used on credit cars,passports and other sensitive documents.

2.Crime scenes detection
The police could easily find out the remains of boold stains at the scenes by using this led uv lights even if it is cleaned

3.UV Curing printing
The application of UV printing is one of the most important aspects of the printing industry.UV Printing
UV printing is a printing process that uses UV light to dry and cure ink. It requires an ink containing a photosensitizer to match the LED UV curing lamp. Used in high-end business cards, boutique packaging, high-end commercial albums, special desk calendars,special label printing and other product areas.

UV Curing
UV curing means that under the irradiation of ultraviolet light, the photoinitiator absorbs photons of a specific wavelength, excites to an excited state, forms a radical or a cation, and then transfers the polymerizable prepolymer and the photosensitive monomer through the transfer of energy between molecules. When it becomes an excited state, a charge transfer complex is produced, and these complexes are continuously cross-linked and polymerized, and a polymer which is solidified into a three-dimensional network structure is produced in a very short time to achieve a curing effect in a few seconds.

UV Curing Wave Length
The UV curing light source equipment currently used in industry is usually a high pressure mercury lamp. High-pressure mercury lamps can produce characteristic ultraviolet light, visible light and infrared light with strong radiation wavelengths of 310nm, 365nm and 410nm. The peak wave of 365nm is the main wavelength of curing and drying commonly used in countries all over the world.

4.UV medical phototherapy
UV medical phototherapy is a photochemical reaction that occurs after the absorption of ultraviolet light by a biomolecule that absorbs light blunt in the skin, which can change the physiological state of the skin, thereby producing a series of therapeutic effects.Clinical trials have shown that most of the medium-wave ultraviolet rays with a wavelength of about 311 nm can be absorbed by the epidermal tissue and have a significant effect on the treatment of vitiligo and psoriasis lamp skin diseases.

5.UV sterilization
UV sterilization is the use of ultraviolet light to destroy the genetic material of a microbe, so that it cannot be split and replicated.Applicable to the field of waterworks, industrial sewage harmful gas treatment, domestic water and air purifier lamps.At present, the ultraviolet sterilization wavelength of 260NM recognized by the world is proved to be very effective. The ultraviolet lamp currently produced has a wavelength of 253.7 nm, which has accounted for 90% of the ultraviolet energy in the ultraviolet germicidal lamp.

What type of uv led does seven colors lighting have?
So far we have 1W high power 365-370nm UV led beads,370-380nm UV led beads,s80-390nm UV led beads,390-420nm UV led beads,3W high power 365-370nm UV led beads,370-380nm UV led beads,s80-390nm UV led beads,390-420nm UV led beads,0.2W SMD 2835 365-370nm UV led beads,370-380nm UV led beads,s80-390nm UV led beads,390-420nm UV led beads,0.5W SMD 5730 365-370nm UV led beads,370-380nm UV led beads,s80-390nm UV led beads,390-420nm UV led beads and we also can make 3535 UV 305-315nm 1-2mW led with sapphire chip and ceramic rackets.

What kind of UV led products do we make?
So far we can make 365-370nm UV led tube,380-390nm UV led tube,390-420nm UV led tube,365-370nm UV led strip lights,380-390nm UV led strip lights,390-420nm UV led strip lights,305-315nm aluminum led rigid bar lights,365-370nm UV aluminum led rigid bar lights,380-390nm UV aluminum led rigid bar lights,390-420nm UV aluminum led rigid bar lights,and we also can design and OEM customed make other UV led lights for you

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