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Magnetic LED Track Lighting Accessories

>>>What accessories does magnetic led track lighting need?

When you place the order, we will provide the whole magnetic track lighting system to teach you how to use them.If you encount some difficulties, we also are glad to give you suggestion or solution.

Generally magnetic track linear lighting system often mainly includes these accessories:

  • DC48V External Power Suppy or Built-in LED Driver
  • Input Module (only the external power supply needs)
  •  Vertical/Horizontal 90° L conner connecting module
  • Passthrough connecting module
Magnetic Track Lighting System

>>>How to use Built-in Driver?

Built-in Driver

Working at AC100-240V input and DC48 output. Can supply the electricity to the magnetic track
lighting system.Suitable for all the installation method.If there is no space or false ceiling for the driver,this is the best choice.

Built-in driver just needs to plug into the light rail and supply the DC48V electricity power to the magnetic track light systems.

>>>How to use External Power Supply?

External Power Supply

If there is enough space or false ceiling for power supply,it is surely more stable to use
external power supply. You can hide it in the ceiling or junction box or other places. But should supply the output DC48V electricity through input module.

>>>How to use L connector?

L connector

L connector often use at the conner and cooperate closely with horizontal or vertical connector. It recover the electricity connection at the conner of two separate tracks joints. It is an very important accessory for magnetic track lights.

>>>How to use Passthrough connector?

Passthrough connector

Current cannot pass through two separate rails on the same horizontal line,we can only use pass-through connectors to allow current to flow from one to the other.

>>>How to use suspension cable?

suspension cable

Suspension cable is made from stainless steel wire and specially for the suspension installation.

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