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Scammer from All Around the World,Just Be Careful

we will list some of the scammer here and don’t sell them anything.Or you will suffer a big loss. Just be careful, They will make any disguise.

These guys have these features:

First, they will place an order and give you an uncertain address.We don’t know if it is right. But UPS can not dispatch it correctly,

Second, when UPS dispatch the goods, they will refuse to receive the goods or ask UPS to send to another address.

Third, they will keep UPS sending the goods several times but they will refuse to receive the goods within a week.

Forth, even if they receive the goods, they still will ask you to refund the payment.

Fifth, as the regulation of UPS, if the receiver don’t accept the goods with one week after several times’ dispatching, UPS will send the goods back. Then the scammer will ask the refund and they will try to get the goods.

Sixth, when you contact him, they will find out any excuses to blame you. And push all the responsibility to you to resend the goods. If you don’t, they will make a claim and ask for refund.

Here is the list:

First one:

luiza mello
bea interiors
6301 Biscayne Boulevard
Miami FL 33138 United States

This is guys mixed his company name with the address and we filled the UPS transport bill as he left on our online store.

His address left on our online store:


Here is the UPS transport bill :


All these followed the information he left on our online store. When UPS contacted with him, he refused to accept the goods. But as we checked he has got the goods.And we confirmed with him. He requested us to resend another new one. We said if the UPS sent to the wrong place, we can ask UPS to resend. But Luiza refused and asked for payment refund. And blame our company as a scammer. We don’t know who is the scammer. So as we judged, Luiza Mello is a cheater.Just be careful. Don’t sell anything to him.

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