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Types of Pool Lights and Your Lighting Options

led swimming pool lights
led swimming pool lights

As we know, now there are more and more swimming pools around us. Because of the rapid development of economy and improved daily life condition many families even have their own small swimming pools. So that there are various different size swimming pools. And providing appropriate pool lights is really thorny. We will list some points about which lights used in swimming pool. And hope this can give you some idea.

Pool Light Fixture Options

Pool light has a lengthy history and there are four options mainly so far: Incandescent, Halogen, Compact Fluoresecent Light and Led lights. No doubting, decorating some lights around or in the swimming pool will make it well lit. That’s why pool with enough lights looks more gorgeous, attractive. Because bright lighting can make the swimming pool more beautiful, neat and cool.In addition, good light condition can create distinct ambiance and surrounding to your familiy and guests.


Incandescent is the earliest and cheapest swimming pool light bulb before the Compact Fluorescent Light was invented. This kind of bulb gives the lights off by heating tungsten filament. And the lighting is often yellow. So if the pools use this kind of light bulbs, When it turns on,the water often become yellowish and geenish. Since it has cheapest cost, this light often has a little lifespan in the past. Almost you will replace it twice a year and the maintaince cost is very high.The important point is that it does not have enough brightness but high heating radiation. So nowadays, if you still choose incandescent bulb, maybe no one will visit your swimming pool.


Many people still use the halogen bulb since it is brighter and longer life span than the incandescent bulb. It generates the lights from the heating filament. The difference from incandescent bulb is filling with gas.However, it produces more heats and the installation place should wide or open or easy to ventilation. Or the life span will reduce quickly.Often you need to replace it every year and also more expensive than incandescent. The cost is almost double.

Compact Fluorescent Light

Compact Fluorescent light has been more than twenty years since it came out. And lasts till now because of its cheap cost and energy saving characters.Its cold lighting and high CRI give the swimming pool enough brightness and beautiful surroundings. The key weakness is that compact fluorescent light bulb can not be waterproof and should be hiden into the waterproof lamp holder or cases. Otherwise, it will run out very soon. It is longer life than those above light bulbs at times. However, you still need to replace them in a while when they burn out every year. The maintain cost is relatively high. One more problem is that energy saving lamps contain mercury. The accelerated electrons interact with the vaporized mercury atoms to generate ultraviolet light.

LED Lights

LED Lights become one of the main stream swimming pool lights since they popped up. Now led lights are very popular in in-ground pool or above-ground pool.Because They can be brighter than energy saving lamp but only 25% of the power of energy saving bulb lamp.Moreover, swimming pool light can be many colors available, such as red, blue, yellow, green,cool white, warm white,natural white , RGB or multicolor. This will make your swimming pool rich in colors not dull.Thirdly, led bulb can have nice waterproof performance to reach IP68. This can dive into the water directly and easy to replace. Finally, as the technology of led lighting is developping, the cost become less and less. So the mantenance cost is getting lower and lower. More and more people like using pool light led for its high CRI and suitable for many applications such as indoor or outdoor pools. It also supports many different installation method: recessed, wall mounting, suspending, floating or flood standing.

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