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Which Lights Used in Swimming Pool?

Now more and more led lights can apply in swimming pool. However, not all the led lamps can be suitable for all kinds of swimming pool,especially for in-ground pool. There are several ideas about select which lights used in swimming pool. This passage we only talk about led swimming pool lighting.

Firstly, high waterproof rating. Underwater led pool light should have a good waterproof performance. These led lights could be dived into the pool for a long term. And at least reach IP68 waterproof. Because if they are broken, it’s very difficult to maintain. Even if they can replace, the cost is not small.

Secondly, good quality. What is good quality underwater pool light? How to select underwater pool lights? We often have a solid formula. Good chip led + good quality led driver + waterproof packaging technology = good quality pool light. Good chip led is the core of led lights and it decides the lighting color, life span and the whole atmosphere of the swimming pool. Good quality led driver is the second priority to the pool light. Just like a good soldier, he should have a good gun to give a perfect performance. So it decides the lighting current or brightness control.Led driver also decides the life span of led lights. The led driver often go away before led. While waterproof packaging technology is another key to good quality. It decides if the led lights can reach IP68 waterproof and dive into the water. If the water goes in, that will lead to the damage of led driver.

Thirdly, colorful and high Color render index.What color should the swimming pool be? What CRI is the best? Actually there is no fixed regulation about lighting color or color render index of pool lights. But as our experience, people often use cool white, warm white, Blue or RGB most. But they use less of green or yellow.Because cool white or blue color will give the pools clean, neat and provide people good view under the water while swimming.RGB color can keep the pool magic and amazing.Now remote RGB swimming pool light becomes the new hit in this application. We often suggest CRI>80-85Ra is suitable. Because this cost will be cheaper and also can create a nice color render for the circumstance. 

Fourthly, safety. Is it safe to have lights in a swimming pool? This is the most question often pop up in our heads. Of course, underwater led pool lamps are the safest lights in swimming pool. Because these lamps often works at AC12 or DC12V. There is no harm to our body. Each lights have a long waterproof cable to connect with the junction box. While junction box is  far away from the pool to keep this security.

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