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Buying Guide for led grow lights

As a china led grow light factory and brand since 2010, we have developed many kinds of led grow lights to fit for different plants in different indoor places. This 2021 buying guide covers all our indoor plant lights and leads you how to choose and buy our led grow light bulbs.It also can be a important reference to buy the similar lights from other manufacturers.

Now there are many kinds of different led grow lightings on amazon, aliexpress, ebay or other platforms and all the sellers and manufacturers boast how effective and good their lights are. Many buyers are confused and suspect how their functions are. As a China brand, Belecome has built a complete testing system to give our led grow lights a set of strict standards. That will be a important reference to value all the led grow lights to different indoor plants. We also can design various spectrum solution to fit for different plants.

What led grow lights can Belecome provide?

In order to meet the demands of different place plants, we have designed and developed various led grow lights. And we built a unique brand Belecome specially for led grow lights since 2015. Now we have made five different kinds and more than thirty different lighting products.

  1. LED Grow Light Strips As a China professional factory and brand, Belecome has several series of led grow strip lights. Led grow light strips play a big role on the market. Why many growers like to use led grow strip lights?Because they have many special features which are different from other led grow lights. Firstly high safety. Because led strip lights often works under DC5V, DC12V or DC24V. Secondly, small power. They often are small powers covering from 7.2W-36W per meter. So it is suitable for different usage and growing stage of the plants. Thirdly, good heat ventilation. Led grow strip lights often are made from double layer copper PCB with good ventilation. The heat can go away very fast so that the led strip lights can have more long life span than others. Fourthly, flexible and facile installation methods. Led grow light strips can be easily installed on the shelves, on the ceiling, around the plants, or inside the rackets. And give the lights from many different directions to the plants. Fifthly, different waterproof levels for choices.Led strip lights are easily to be made into different IP rating level with lower cost. So they are the best choice for vegetable,flowers and fruits for the greenhouse growers. Sixthly, longest size. Led grow strips can have longest size reaching 5meters one time or more. That is perfectly to fit the long racket planting.They can also be cut into different sizes for different size growing containers or shelves. Seventhly, many kinds of spectrum. Led grow strip lightings can be dimmable. Now Belecome has developped many different kinds of dimmable and multi-spectrum led grow lights strips.For example, red 650nm, Blue 460nm and Cool white 6000K dimmable led strips or other led strips. Why led grow strip lights can replace T5 or T8 led grow tube lights? Actually these years many experts or researchers don’t suggest to use led strip lights. Since they are small powers with low PPFD. But these two years Belecome are dedicated to develop high power led strips with good PPFD to reverse this situation. And many greenhouse growers have begun to have a test and get good results. VS T5 or T8 led grow tube lights, why the led grow light strips can replace them. We can only say it depends on the place where you install the led grow lights, power or PPFD the plants need. However there are totally several rough reasons: First, felxible, cuttable and easy to install. Led grow light strips are just like ropes, which can be attached to anywhere, shelves, roof, tents, cabinets, rackets or ceiling. They are also can be cuttable. The longest size can reach 5meters or more which can be made into many different shorts. And diy many different high output or PPFD led grow lights. Second, good waterproof characteristics. Led strip lights can be made into IP65 or IP68 waterproof lights which dive into the water. Third, low maintenance cost. Led grow strip lighting can work with long life span and with low maintenance for it works under DC12V or 24V and good ventilation.
  2. LED Grow Tube Lights

Growers often use led grow tube lights widely in growing containers or shelves.

Why led grow tube lights can replace the traditional grow tube lights? As our researches, there are several reasons: First of all, t8 full spectrum led grow lights are small power and can save energy more than 50%. Only half power can reach same PPFD and energy. Second, the spectrum can be customized and more effective than traditional ones. Third, t8 full spectrum grow lights work very stable and lower maintenance rates. They have long life spans and average life is more than 5 years. Even some can reach more than 10 years for their nice performed driver. Finally led grow light tubes don’t include mercury. They are green environmental.

What t8 led grow lights can Belecome provide? Now Belecome makes all kinds of led grow tube lights, including T5 and T8. Firstly, different size and different power. We can make full series of T5 or T8 led grow tubes from size 30cm, 60cm, 90cm, 120cm(4ft t8 led grow light bulbs), to 150cm. Power covers from 9W, 14W, 18W, 24W, 28W to 36W. Types include single row led lights and double row led lights. Secondly, different spectrum. Belecome can design and customize more than 15 kinds of different spectrum according to different grow stage and different plants. Thirdly, multi spectrum mixing and dimmable. Belecome also designs a new full spectrum led grow tube lights mixed with two or three leds 650nm, 450nm and warm white 4000K dimmable. Fourthly, different red and blue ratio. For ratio of Deep red 650 and deep blue 450nm, we can make 3:1, 5:1, 7:1 or others. In addition, as we study and research, high CRI>90Ra warm white 3000K or 5000K pure white full spectrum t8 led plays an important role in the cultivation of indoor green vegetables and tropical plants .

3. Quantum Board LED Grow Lights Quantum board LED grow lights have the basic power of 100W-150W and can freely combine into many different powers 300W, 600W, up to 900W. Quantum board grow lights spread widely and sweep the world shortly.Because they are small sizes, good heating system and high performance efficiency. Key Features High performance efficiency and lower cost: our quantum board 100W led grow light has 240pcs of high efficiency SMD led. Power can reach 100W – 150W max. We suggest to use around 120W. It can generate high PPFD with 2.0-2.4umol/J under small power of 100W. 50% less power than HPS but 50% more harvest. The Veg footprint is 3 x 3 ft, Flowering footprint is 2 x 2 ft. Ideal for all growing stages of indoor plants: It owns sunlike and excellent full spectrum—main wave length consists of Cool White 6000K, Warm White 3000K, Deep red 650-660nm and Infrared red 730nm. Cool white 6000K contains more blueish lights while warm white 3000K provides more reddish lights. 660nm Red plays important roles in bloom and flowering whcih boosts the yields. 450-460nm deep blue makes the plants grow healthily and make the stems more strong. IR 730nm enhances the function of deep red 660nm. Equipping upgraded dimming system: our upgraded new series have a dimming knob, light switch and group control connection port. Each individual light can be controlled the intensity at liberty. Multi-light connection port allows group dimming control. So it is beneficial for large area of indoor growing and commercial planting.