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Why use neon strip lights

Neon Strip Lights are a kind of flxible led strip lights with silicone neon tube. Working under DC12V/24V, these neon lights have very good IP rating. Moreover it can reach IP65 and some can be up to IP67. In addition,they are bentable 360 degree with good lighting effects and brightness. So this neon strips often use to make letters for advertisement.

Type of led neon strip lights

According to the material, there are generally two types: PVC neon strip and silicone extrudsion neon strip. PVC neon strips are not as flexible as silicone extrudsion neon strips. Above all after long-term use, the aging will accelerate, they will turn yellow, harden, or even crack.

While silicone extruded neon strip has good flexibility, UV resistance, not yellow, and durable.Most importantly the silicone neon strip lights can be antifire while PVC ones can not.

According to the section, neon lights are round, square, and trapezoidal. According to the size, there are thin,and thick.Different shapes meet different needs.
By the light-emitting surface, there are single-side, double-side, three-side and full-light.
Comparing with the emitting color, there is red color, blue color, green color, yellow color, white, warm white, natural white and changeable color. Different colors can create different living atmospheres
We have more than 1000kinds of neon led strip lights and the following is the most popular for your reference.

Neon Strip lights VS LED Strip Lights

These two have many common advantages at the same time, coexist at the same time and are popular in the market. But neon strips have better market adaptability and bright future, and will gradually replace other existing strips in the next few years. Mainly because of the following reasons:

Firstly, the neon strip has good flexibility and can be bent 360 degrees without breaking. This is not comparable to ordinary light strips.

Secondly, silicone neon strips can not only resist UV, moisture, and water resistance, but also have good fire resistance. The waterproof light strip can only resist UV, moisture or waterproof. Even some ordinary light strips are not waterproof.

Thirdly,neon lights transmitted through the silica gel have uniform light, high brightness, very good consistency, and no light spots. You can’t even see the light source. The light source of ordinary light strips is basically visible, which is very dazzling and easy to produce light spots. We call the neon strips do not see lights, only see light.

Finally, neon strip has good stretch and bendability and can be widely used in light box advertising, hotel projects, shop sign advertising, etc. Different words and styles can be designed. And it can be applied to different decoration occasions and styles to create different living atmospheres, such as warm homes, festive festivals, lively supermarkets, etc.

Why use neon strip lights?

Firstly, Energy saving: The flexible whole-body lamp strip can save more than 80% of energy
and consume less electricity, because the light source is LED;

Secondly, Soft:neon strip light can withstand squeezing and is made of environmentally friendly Silicone
material, which is not only simple and convenient to install, but also brighter than the
previous glass.The brightness of the neon lamp is more significant than the effect. The
flexible full-body LED light strip can be bent up to 360 degrees, therefore many companies
easily can make various texts,Words and graphics with them.

Thirdly, Longevity and durability: The launch of this new type of Neon LED strip has a life
span of 30,000 hours longer than the glass tube neon used in the past.
On the basis of technology, with a new structure, Silicone material, its durability is not
questioned, because there is no need to consider the problem of broken glass neon lights (

silicone lamp body);

Fourthly, High brightness and good light transmittance: The imported transparent silicone
has a light transmittance of 88%-93%, a uniform astigmatism surface of 160 degrees, and a
light effect distance of 1-3 meters.

Finally,neon tube light is not easy to atomize, and can resist UV radiation. The light source is made of
2835 precision processing, with low efficiency, pure color, and no pollution. The light
source Use imported ultra-high brightness LED series connection.

Why Choose our neon tube light, neon flex led RGB?

Firsly, we are a flexible led strip light factory since 2009. Moreover we have enough experience on makeing led neon flex tube lights.

Secondly,It solve the heat-dissipation problem successfully. Therefore,our led neon light have absolute advantage and play a leading role in the market. Now many companies and families have used them into many places widely.

Thirdly, Our factory has more than 1000 kinds of different led neon. Such as SMD2835,SMD5050 led neon. In addition,we have developed the series of led neon.The blow just are some of the most popular.
Fourly, every pieces of led neon tube lights will be under strict aging, inspection and testing before shipment. That will make sure every pcs work very well before shipment.

Finally, less quality problems and lower maintain cost is one of the best advantages of our neon flex lights.

How to connect neon lights with power supply?

There are two ways to connect the neon flex lights:

Direct Connection: Neon LED Strip Lights can not be over 5meters , or there will be a lighting decay. The overall power of the strip lights can not overpass 80% of the power supply.
Paralell Connection: You can connect multiple Neon LED Strip Lights to a power supply. However each one can not be over 5meters , or there will be a lighting decay. The total power of the neon lights can not exceed 80% of the power supply.

How to install the neon led strip light?
Method 1: Install with Aluminum profile
First, Prepare the screws and clips. Second, Adjust the clips to the appropriate places.Fix the profiles into the clips.Then insert the neon strip light into the profiles firmly.
Method 2: Install with clips
By clips, led neon strip lights can make many different shapes,letters and patterns.
First, install the clips at the right places by screws. Second, press the led neon strip lights into the clips as the styles you want.

After cutting, how to connect neon tube light?

The most important thing is to recover the IP65 waterproof function after cutting. In order to reach this point,we suggest to solder the wires on the strip lights’ points first. We often solder the red cable on the positive point while the black on the cathode point.Finally, fill the cap in and seal it with glue to avoid the moisture or waterproof to come in.