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How to Select T8 led grow lights

t8 led grow lights are designed as full spectrum with large range of wave length to fit any stages of all the plants.It covers from 1ft to 5ft, 6W to 48W.We customize any spectrum as your requirement.

  1. Adopting advanced LED semiconductor lighting technology, 70% energy saving than traditional fluorescent lamps;
  2. t8 led grow light Uses imported high-efficiency SMD LED lamp beads;
  3. The lamp body is made of high-purity aluminum and anodized after finishing.
  4. The appearance is simple and fashionable. Does not change color.
  5. Excellent thermal management can effectively ensure the long-term stable operation of LED lights and effectively control light attenuation problems.
  6. Power overload protection design, low current and low voltage operation, higher safety performance;
  7. Ultra-long life design, can reach 30,000 hours, it is 17 times the life of traditional fluorescent lamps;
  8. Easy to install, convenient to use, no need to replace the lamp, can be directly replaced Traditional fluorescent lamps;
  9. green products, do not contain lead, mercury and other heavy metals and harmful gases;
  10. use DC drive, no flicker, effectively protect eyesight;
  11. no ultraviolet radiation and electromagnetic radiation, safer to the human body.
  12. Our Products t8 led grow lights are widely used in indoor lighting in factories, workshops, offices, shopping malls, supermarkets, underground parking lots, hospitals, schools, etc., and are ideal substitutes for traditional fluorescent lamps.

  1.  Different wavelengths of light have different effects on plant photosynthesis.
  2. The light required for plant photosynthesis has a wavelength of about 400-700nm. 400-500nm (blue) light and 610-720nm (red) contribute the most to photosynthesis.
  3. Just use these two color combinations. In terms of visual effects, the red and blue plant lights are pink.
  4. Our full spectrum led grow lights just base on these main wave length, and the wave peak is 650nm. We also add some other useful spectrum like 380nm UV, 570nm Green,730nm IR in to make it wide enough to fit for any stages of every plants.
  5. Blue light can promote the growth of green leaves; similarly red light can help blossom and fruit and prolong the flowering period!
  6. When plant lights works to supplement light for plants, the height from the leaves is generally about 0.5 meters, and continuous exposure for 12-16 hours a day can completely replace the sun

  •  t8 led grow light Special Feature

1.Reduce cultivation costs and extend flowering period

2.Promote early maturity of plants, increase production, and improve the quality of fruits

3.Ensure the taste of greenhouse vegetables and realize off-season cultivation

4.Inhibit the reproduction of germs and pests, reduce the amount of pesticides, green and pollution-free

  • Technical parameters(120cm Integrated LED Grow Tube Light)

t8 led grow light tubes
t8 led grow light tubes

  • Outline dimension drawing
    t8 full spectrum led grow lights
    t8 full spectrum led grow lights


  • Installation instructions

For  T8 integrated LED Grow Lights, it is very easy to instal

Firstly,You just need to take the traditional tube fixtures first.

Secondly,Fix the clips with screws.

Further,Install the integrated tube lights on the clips.

In addition,Wire the cable to the power and finish

led grow light bulbs
led grow light bulbs

Brown cable for L, Blue one for N, and Yellow for Ground

led grow light bulb full spectrum
led grow light bulb full spectrum

Moreover, You can also connect them in series

  • Packing size

one,With Color Box

Item No. QTY/CNS N.G(KG) G.W(KG) Packing Size(mm)
T8-GL-05 30pcs 10 11 124X23X20CM
T8-GL-06 30pcs 11 12 124X23X20CM

another,With Paper Pipe

Item No. QTY/CNS N.G(KG) G.W(KG) Packing Size(mm)
T8-GL-05 20pcs 12 13 124X23X23CM
T8-GL-06 20pcs 13 14 124X23X23CM

  • Attention Matters

First,working voltage of the lamp is AC100-240V, please make sure that the working voltage is within this range when connected to the power supply. 

Second,connecting to a higher voltage will cause permanent damage to the lamp.

Third,after connecting the power supply, prohibit any contact metal from touching the bottom of the bulb to avoid electric shock

Fourth, unpacking or before use, please check whether the lamp is damaged due to transportation.

Fifth, if so, please stop the application and notify the supplier, this product can only be used in perfect condition

Sixth,in order to ensure the safe and normal use of the product, please strictly abide by the explanations and precautions in the manual.

Seventh, the supplier shall not be liable for any losses caused by illegal operations.

Eighth,when in high heat environment, please do not connect the bulb and power supply.

Nineth,once the working temperature exceeds a certain temperature, its life will be greatly shortened. Recommended to use this product at room temperature

※Before installation, please ensure that the local installation environment supports this product.

Tenth, It is recommended to install it in a stable place to prevent vibration and shaking.

Eleventh,Since the surface temperature of the lamp can reach 50°C, it is better that there is no heat sensitive equipment around the lamp. 

Finally,to ensure proper working temperature, please keep the product away from heat sources and use this product in a mild environment.

  • Spectrum Data (60CM 9W) Tested by Taiwan Asensetek Lighting Passport

Here are some of our T8 LED Grow Light Bulbs for your reference