Why Use LED Grow Lights?

Why Use LED Grow Lights is the question often asked by our customers. Are they better than the traditional horticultural lighting?What advantages and disvantages of led grow lights?As the development of the led grow lights, more and more led grow light bulbs are used in our farming, the answer comes to end obviously.

Why Use LED Grow Lights
Why Use LED Grow Lights

Advantages and Disadvantages of LED Grow Lights

Compared with the traditional lighting system, led grow light comes more and more popular and soar high to overwhelm others when it is used widely in the farming and indoor growing.
Even though the led grow light for plants have some disadvantages at the earlist,( for example, high cost and low efficiency),as the development of the led technology, these several year the manufactures find out the solution and make the led plant lights more powerful with high efficiency with lower cost.Before that, nothing can overpass or do it better than HID lighting.
As the latest technology, led plant growth lights are the future of agriculture, and its advantages have outweighed its disadvantages.
Let’s take a look at the main advantages and disavantages of the led grow light kits.
led grow light for plants
led grow light for plants

Advantages of LED Grow Lights

There are many biggest pros of using light-emitting diode technology to light your plants.

Improve Harvest Cycle

Led grow lamps can work 24hours with the lower temperature.Because the led grow light bulbs are often designed to work with the constant current and stable voltage drivers so that the working temperature can keep in a some level.

Second, the led plant lights often deploit the chip on board sealing technology, working with high performance heat sink. The ventilation system is very perfect so that the heat can go very fast into the air and change into carbon dioxide.

Carbon dioxide is an essential raw material for photosynthesis. Photosynthesis (Photosynthesis), the synthesis of light energy, is the use of photosynthetic pigments to convert carbon dioxide (or hydrogen sulfide) and water into organic matter under the irradiation of visible light, through light reaction and dark reaction, and certain bacteria. , And release the biochemical process of oxygen (or hydrogen).

Indoor growing greenhouse, the plants can not get the infromation of season from the nature and only can rely on lights we give to behave.

The led grow light for plants are the right thing to tell the plants what they will do. They give enough lights to change daytime,provide a large amount of wavelength lights at right time to speed up the growth. So that shorten the growth harvest cycle.
When using LED lights to grow automatic flowering plants, there may be multiple harvests in one season. You can change the flowering time of the plant and increase the yield.
fastest harvest cycle
fastest harvest cycle

Long Life Span

As we know led grow lights can have more than 50000HRS life span.Because they often adopt SMD packaging technology and work with constant current drivers. Automatic cooling system can protect the led chip perfactly. That’s most of the reason why they can work for a long life span. Those are the conventional lightings can not compare.
VS tradional HID lighting, these lamps have the advantage of big power meanwhile, generate a lot of heat. But because of lack of self-cooling system, the lamps often damage for working under high temperature.It also costs a large number of electricity.
Because of the extra long life span of these led grow light for indoor plants, you can use them for many years, if you use it with 20HRs per day, you can light your plants for almost 7 years. And it cuts a lot of expenses than the traditional HID lighting.

Energy Saving

As far as we know, LED grow lights are more energy-efficient than any traditional grow lights, which can save 60%. Because of the good characteristics of the LED lamp itself, it contains high efficiency and a large amount of effective light, low heat, and does not need to burn anything to generate light and heat. Thereby greatly reducing the loss of heat and light energy.

Customize Wavelength

As a led grow light manufacture, Belecome lighting can customize many different accurate wavelength to meet different requrement of different plants. That’s is the advantage of led plant growth lights different from other traditional growth lights. And we can only design the valuable and accurate wavelength lights to the led plant lights to make them more efficient. Abandon the useless wavelength.

VS traditional grow lights,it contains a lot of green and yellow wavelength in the light which the plants don’t use them too much. Even though the plants need some green lights and yellow lights during growth, but it contains too much more than necessary. It is a big waste.

So the efficiency will be lower than led and need more time for plants. Using led plant lamps, you can only use the right spectrum the plants need and don’t waste of time and money.

Full Spectrum

Good led grow light often can provide balance and full spectrum wavelength lights to meed the different requirement of different plant growth stages. We also can design and adjust different spectrum for your plants and to avoid the waste of the useless wavelength light. So that you can adapt to the needs of different crops to increase yield.

Customized and ideal full spectrum led grow lights can produce more usefull and acurrate wavelength light to different growth phrase of the plants. That can enhance the growth efficiency to save time and grow perfectly. It is better than the natural lights.

Healthy Growth

Traditional grow lights generate more UV rays, IR rays and heat are not good for plant growth. That will lead the plants to burn or dry up quickly. And the plants need more water and energy to avoid that.

VS led grow lights, they contains less harmful wavelength, accurate wavelenth and lower heat. Most of water and energy is used to grow and develop so that the plants can grow more healthier.

Self Cooling System

LED Grow Lights often apply self cool system and stable drivers so that they only give off a little heat.And it affects little to the surrounding So you don’t need to install any asssistant cooling system.

VS HID growth lights it can reach 400 or more degree when works long time. There needs some air conditioner or ventilation system to make the enviorment cooling. This cost is very high.

Enviorment Friendly

LED planting lights are 100% recyclable. Unlike HID lamps, they do not contain toxic substances such as mercury. To ensure this, all high-quality LEDs have passed RoHS certification.

Dimmable and  Different Light Intensity

Most of our Quantum Board LED Grow Lights are designed as dimmable, in order to meet different light intensity in different time. Because the plants also need rest some time per day like human beings. So if the lights are too strong, it also will affect their healthy growth. It also can meet the different requirement in different growth stages.
Quantum Board LED Grow Lights
Quantum Board LED Grow Lights

Disadvantages of LED Grow Lights

Even though LED Plant Lights ocupy many advantages and very good for agricultural planting, they also have some limitations and shortcomings that the traditional grow lights are proud of.

Narrow Lighting Irradiation Range

Led light sources have a fixed light-emitting angle. When they are used in plant lighting fixtures, the light emitted by the growth light also has a certain range of limitations. Compared with the traditional plant growth lamp, the irradiation range is much smaller. But this year, with the continuous efforts and improvements of LED experts, many high-quality lamps that can be compared with it have also appeared. For example, the new Belecome quantum Grow light has a relatively large irradiation range, which can be comparable to HID or other previous T5 lamps.

Belecome Quantum Board Grow Light
Belecome Quantum Board Grow Light

High purchasing cost

Even if raditional HID or Florescent lights are at low purchasing cost at the beginning. But it has the shortcoming of high repairing and replacement cost, also need assistant ventilation system. LED plant lamps are with high purchasing cost firstly.However, in the long term, they have long life span and lower replacement, either no need other ventilation system. Now many manufactures are devoting to produce low-cost, high-quality and efficient plant growth lights. We trust in the future the led grow light kits can replace the traditional ones completely.

A Little Harmful Blue Light

LED Grow Lights can generate a lot of blue light which is harmful to human beings to cause blindess.So when the workers are working in the indoor growth tents, we suggest to wear long sleeves working suits and a pair of sunglasses to avoid the harm.

Sensitive to the temperature of the surroundings

VS traditional plant lights,LED Grow Lights are very sensitive to the temperature of the surroundings. Sometimes, they greatly rely on it and have a high requirement on it. And most of led grow lights need the fast ventilation and cooling system. That’s why most of the high power led grow light bulbs need cooling or fan system to change the high temperature of the enviorment.But this year Quantum Board LED Grow Light Full Spectrum becomes more and more popular because of its self-cooling heat sink and cooling system, no need any assistant cooling system, fans or air-conditioners.